Follow-up Session Moving to Spring 2020

We wanted to provide you with an update on the progress of the Western North York Community Centre project. As the new centre is targeting Net Zero, a highly ambitious sustainability goal in support of future climate resiliency, we have been taking time to explore an array of sustainable opportunities.

Originally, we had proposed to regroup with community members in the Fall to go over what we heard, whether we heard it right, and how the community feedback will translate into design. At this time, Fall has quickly turned to Winter and we are still working through this initial exploratory phase, seeking the best possible solution for the community. Until these explorations are complete, we will temporarily be placing our follow-up session on hold.

What does this mean?

We look forward to meeting with you and exploring the possibilities of what this new community centre can become. We will be closely monitoring the completion of the exploration phase and will keep community members informed as we arrive closer to the follow-up engagement session in the Spring of 2020. When we regroup, we will continue where we left off, confirming initial feedback and providing additional opportunities to get involved.

We want to thank those of you who have been closely tracking the progress of this project, and those who’ve provided their feedback to date. We are committed to keeping you informed as we move through the engagement process and towards the eventual development of the new Western North York Community Centre.